Partner Programs

BankBiller uses a consultative approach to produce creative, tailored solutions and provide you with all the functionality and flexibility that is critical in customizing systems that compliment your requirements.

ISO Partners

We offer our ISOs the flexibility to build and grow their businesses. We provide marketing tools, resources and support to sell our payment solutions within your market and the partner support structure to help make your business successful.

Agent Partners

We’re invested in your success and you can always count on us to be there when needed. We support our agents with a full partner support team that works directly with the sales agent to help maximize new acquisitions and retention.

Referral Partners

Whether you own a business, or simply have the means to refer potential clients, we have a profitable opportunity for you. Let us provide our payment solutions to your referrals and get paid. We handle all the heavy lifting.

  • Benefits:

  • Aggressive Buy-Rates
  • Build your Brand with White Label Options
  • Revenue Generating Value Added Upsells
  • Back Office Reporting & Support Tools
  • Automated Application & Onboarding
  • Benefits:

  • Sales Training & Closing Support
  • Dedicated Relationship Manager
  • Development & Operational Support
  • Back Office Reporting & Support Tools
  • Automated Application & Onboarding
  • Benefits:

  • Generous Referral Commissions
  • Unlimited Earning Potential
  • Referral Link Tracking
  • Dedicated Relationship Manager
  • Add a New Revenue Stream

All of our partners receive:

Operational Support

Relationship Managers and our Partner Support Team are here to manage all requests, whether technical or operational.

Lifetime Residuals

All residuals are paid on time monthly for the life of all accounts

Partner Development Support

Our Partner Development Team is always available to keep you updated, informed and to support you in all ways.

Automated Application & Boarding

Benefit from our quick and automated underwriting process. Low risk, straight-forward accounts are approved quickly by our experienced underwriting team

Same Day Approvals

With our streamlined process, low risk accounts can be approved same day. Whether they are POS, mobile or e-commerce accounts.

Dedicated Relationship Manager

You have a single point of contact for all your sales, business or technical needs. Our Relationship Managers are dedicated to helping you build and succeed.

True Revenue Splits

All commissions and residuals are based and calculated on true net revenue.

Portfolio & Sales Channel Management

Our marketing techniques and sales strategies are proven to help you build and keep attrition low.

Fast Processing

We continue to work diligently on improving our systems to provide and even faster service to merchants.

Residual Advance & Buyout Programs

Lucrative residual buy-out programs and residual short-term advance programs are available to all partners.

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BankBiller is here to make your payments easy. We are an independent, privately held provider of payment processing services in North America. We provide the back-end database and data access tools necessary to manage every facet of merchant processing. Our processing solutions can effectively decrease your business overhead, maximize your cash flow, and most importantly, save you time.

We are a customer oriented payment services company committed to excellence. Merchants count on us to provide payment solutions that streamline business processes and accelerate the creation of cash on their balance sheets. By implementing inexpensive and secure technology that is easy to use, we allow our clients to achieve greater operational efficiencies, and as a result, maximize their working capital.

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