Code of Conduct

On April 16, 2010, the federal government released the new “voluntary” Code of Conduct for the Credit and Debit Card Industry in Canada (the Code). The Code was created to address the concerns of merchants regarding some of the business practices of credit and debit card networks, issuers and acquirers.

BankBiller has adopted the Code and abides by the policies outlined to ensure compliance. The Code is incorporated in its contracts, pricing policies and overall business practices.

The purpose of the Code is to demonstrate the industry’s commitment to:

  • Ensuring that merchants are fully aware of the costs associated with accepting credit and debit card payments, thereby allowing merchants to reasonably forecast their monthly costs related to accepting such payments.
  • Providing merchants with increased pricing flexibility to encourage consumers to choose the lowest-cost payment option.
  • Allowing merchants to freely choose which payment options they will accept.

More information about the Code can be found at:



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We are a customer oriented payment services company committed to excellence. Merchants count on us to provide payment solutions that streamline business processes and accelerate the creation of cash on their balance sheets. By implementing inexpensive and secure technology that is easy to use, we allow our clients to achieve greater operational efficiencies, and as a result, maximize their working capital.

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