Business Advantages

BankBiller uses a consultative approach to produce creative, tailored solutions and provide you with all the functionality and flexibility that is critical in customizing systems that compliment your requirements. We are committed to delivering transaction processing in a timely, accurate and responsive manner.

BankBiller's payment solution offers you the ability to accept payments over the phone or internet from your customers. Many people don't have a credit card and many of those who do, are at their maximum credit limit. Our payments solution allows you to expand your customer base with additional payment options.

BankBiller can originate transactions for merchants that are qualified and provide your company with a cost effective method for collecting payments from your customers and clients.

Here are some of the BankBiller advantages:

  • Dramatically speed-up collections and payments
  • Decrease overhead expenses
  • Minimize banking fees
  • Modernize & streamline the payment and collection process & minimize associated costs
  • Reduce exposure to risk, fraud, and their associated costs
  • Additional payment options for customer convenience
  • Expedited availability of funds
  • Increase & expand your market reach
  • Faster NSF re-presentment
  • Eliminate issues surrounding postage, writing checks, mailings, late fees or interruption of service
  • Process transactions and get results quickly and accurately
  • Improve cash flow
  • Minimize late pays
  • Eliminate COD's
  • Reduction of resources allocated to billing, invoicing, receiving & depositing statements
  • No more waiting for the cheque that's NOT in the mail.

Easy Data Management and Reporting

All your transaction data is stored for your use, and all reports are available live in real time via our web portal to track your processing activities. Results are updated daily, and you will be notified by email with transaction changes.

  • 24/7 Online reporting access to view all activity and reports in your account
  • Manage and warehouse all your payment data and customer information
  • Automatically re-present NSF transactions
  • Merchant initiated refunds and credits
  • Complete customer care module
  • Secure 128-Bit strong encryption
  • All file and operating formats meet all regulations & specifications

One time or Recurring Payments

The streamlined BankBiller processing service is adaptable and can be used for monthly recurring or one time only payments. You can collect your fees faster and reduce processing time substantially.

With BankBiller, you can virtually eliminate the "cheque is the mail" syndrome, errors and let us deposit funds directly to your bank account. Don't wait in the line at the bank or beside your mailbox.

Enter all your payments, and let BankBiller do the work

Cheaper Processing Fees

Enjoy lower transaction and bank deposit fees, along with shorter hold times, and no exsessive bank re-presentment fees. Automatically, with the " click of your mouse" you can represent NSF transactions twice within a 30 day period.


Uniquely Designed Pricing Packages, Specific to Your Business

Cookie cutter pricing packages don’t work. Your business is unique so it only makes sense that you should have a pricing package specifically structured to fit your needs.

Contact us today to receive a customized pricing proposal.

Monthly Fee:

Quick Approval

Multiple Processing Options

Dedicated Support

Account Management Tools

Complete Merchant Control Panel

Recurring & Subscription Billing

Secure & Reliable

Unlimited Transactions

Long Term Contracts

Hidden Fees

Transparent Pricing

One Low Monthly Fee

One low monthly fee gives you access to all of our platform's features and benefits!

$49 /mo

Discount Fee as low as 0.00%*
Transaction Fee as low as 15¢*

* Every business is not the same so why should the pricing? We are committed to providing merchants with competitive, fair and transparent pricing that works for them and with no long term contracts. Once you apply, we will work with you to set the best possible pricing structure that works and makes sense for your business while keeping you fully informed in the process.

All prices in CAD

Don't see a feature you need? Contact us. We work with our merchants on custom integrations and development all the time!

Do you process over 5,000 transactions per month? Contact us to discuss our enterprise custom pricing.

Industries our solution

is perfect for:

Property Management
Leasing Companies
Mortgage Firms
Alarm Companies
Internet Service
Fitness Centers
Day Cares
Insurance Companies
Health Clubs
Non Profit Associations
Rental and
Rent to Own
Membersahip Clubs
Car Dealerships
Professional Services
Finance Companies
Utility Companies
Clubs and
Parking Lots
and Garages



BankBiller believes in building successful and profitable sales programs for ISO's, Independent Agents and Channel Partners. Our various reseller programs allow you to add our suite of services to your own and benefit from generous financial rewards, sales and marketing support, as well as business development assistance and white-label options. BankBiller partners benefit from a financially rewarding long-term business relationship. We are continuously seeking partners with which we can leverage our mutual strengths.


BankBiller is here to make your payments easy. We are an independent, privately held provider of payment processing services in North America. We provide the back-end database and data access tools necessary to manage every facet of merchant processing. Our processing solutions can effectively decrease your business overhead, maximize your cash flow, and most importantly, save you time.

We are a customer oriented payment services company committed to excellence. Merchants count on us to provide payment solutions that streamline business processes and accelerate the creation of cash on their balance sheets. By implementing inexpensive and secure technology that is easy to use, we allow our clients to achieve greater operational efficiencies, and as a result, maximize their working capital.

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